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Most people take years to master the art of communicating effectively. Join me on a journey to help you condense those years into hours.

Showcase the best you

Public Speaking is a skill so vital both in the workplace and otherwise. We’ll work together to help create simple frameworks like the “naturals” have been using for years.

Most of what I do is free. I’m here to learn as much as you are. When I do charge, it’s all towards a good cause. 20% of what I make goes to Charity: Water. Find out more here ➝

What I do

After spending years practicing, I’m in the process of finally cracking the code to excelling in public speaking and communicating. Technical skills < communicating them.

Crafting the perfect speech

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Based on experiences I’ve had in public speaking, I’ll help you create interesting ideas, craft creative copy and finally, nail the nuances of a great speech. We’ll work together to build captivating narratives ready for delivering a TEDx talk to running for class rep.

Let's talk startups

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We’ve all had numerous business ideas over the years. Here, we talk about bringing those ideas to life. Getting people to join your team or purchase your product all involves understanding the tidbits of great communication. I share my learnings of how to: create a story around your product, build a brand and even make good pitch-decks.

Network your way to success

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In business today, network is THE buzzword. And it’s never too early to get started. We talk about the best ways to create networks to boost your chances of getting jobs which aren’t advertised and perks that people don’t know about.

About Me

I’m a student at the London School of Economics and an entrepreneur in progress. I’ve always enjoyed presenting on stage but when I look back at previous performances, I cringe. I realised that even when we think we’re great, we still have so much to improve on.

In a generation of IMs, we need to learn how to communicate again, human-to-human. I’m a firm believer that just watching great speakers doesn’t make you a great speaker, it just makes you a lesser version of them. This venture is my way of helping young people be at the top of their game and have the ability to tell the world that they are.

“You can always have more than you've got because you can become more than you are.” 一 Jim Rohn

Today, I invite you to discover some of the strategies, methods, and tactics you can use to improve your public speaking immediately.

Here’s to finding the best you,

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